Thanks for supporting Beverly Bootstraps this holiday season

Over time, most of us realize that giving is as rewarding to us as it is good for the recipient. Whether gathering around the table to share love and joy at a holiday dinner with friends or family, or getting to watch a child’s face brighten as they open their favorite gift, we know that it feels great to make others happy or to fulfill another person’s need.

It is hard to take a moment to acknowledge the reward of giving in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. It’s also easy to forget that there are so many out there that aren’t able to enjoy the holiday season because of their tenuous financial situations. So many of you did not forget.

This community has once again come together to support those in need in so many ways. From donations of food, holiday gifts, turkeys, books and money, to people’s time, we thank all the businesses, families, individuals, teams, schools, children, churches and other organizations that made this holiday season at Beverly Bootstraps possible.

Thank you for remembering those in need. They are grateful for your generosity and we hope you feel the warm reward of giving.

— Sue Gabriel, executive director, and Heather Johnston, director of donor relations, Beverly Bootstraps

2/3 - Thrift Shop will close at 4 pm today due to the cold.
2/4 Announcement: For the safety of our employees and donors, the Thrift Shop will not accept donations on Sat., Feb. 4. We will be open for shopping from 10 am - 3 pm.