A child going to bed hungry? Not if you help!

A child going to bed hungry? Not if you help!

It breaks my heart every time I see Connor.

Connor and his mother Jessica are hungry…very hungry. They need your help. Connor frequently doesn’t get enough to eat, and Jessica often cries herself to sleep at night knowing that she has to send Connor to bed with an empty stomach. A child, left wondering and suffering, not knowing where his next meal will come from.

You believe that every child should be secure in the knowledge that they will eat today, don’t you?

You have the power to change the next chapter of this story for Connor and Jessica.

Your gift today can help ensure that Connor, Jessica and many other families like them across the North Shore can stop worrying about their next meal and start to focus on school, work and finding a new sense of normalcy.

Read more about Connor’s story here.

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