Beverly Bootstraps works with many organizations to supply our clients with their food needs through our Food Pantry. In addition to the food that is donated from food drives and generous community organizations and individuals, our Food Pantry shelves are stocked with food from the many partnerships we have formed over the years.

Food Banks
We are members of two area food banks where we purchase the bulk of the food we distribute. Membership with each allows us great discounts on the food items that they carry. These food banks are partially funded by the federal government and stock the basic necessitites and more.

We thank the Greater Boston Food Bank and the Merrimack Valley Food Bank for their partnerships.

Local Farms
We also work with local farms to provide our clients access to local fresh produce during the growing season.

Local Retailers
Many area food retailers partner with us to provide "rescued" food - food that didn't sell that day but is still healthy, nutritional and delicious. Our drivers go out daily to rescue this food so that it doesn't just get thrown out when it could be used by so many hungry people in need.

These partners include Whole Foods Market, Starbucks, Henry's, Panera Bread, Shaw's, Stop & Shop, Trader Joe's, and Crosby's Marketplace. Thank you for helping us provide for our clients.

                   Proud member Greater Boston Food Bank                         Proud member Merrimack Valley Food Bank