Food Pantry



In addition to providing food to those in need, we strive to educate our Food Pantry visitors about the benefits of healthy eating on a budget. We do this by providing classes that show our clients how to prepare healthy meals for their families.

Cooking Matters is a six week class in which participants learn how to shop for and cook with healthy nutritious ingredients on a limited budget. Each session’s menus are based on suggestions and input from the students, but each recipe used makes a meal that costs under $10 and can feed a family of four.

The last meeting of the session is held at a local grocery store, where class members are shown how to shop on a budget; what items are better choices than others, how to select fresh healthy produce, and what is the best value for the dollar.

Students will come away from this class with skills to help them eat healthier that will last a life time.

Thank you to the Women in Action of North Shore United Way for supporting this program.

Click here to see our Cooking Matters Class video!