Gifts of Stock

For your tax purposes, all financial contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Beverly Bootstraps' Tax ID Number is



Instructions for transferring securities to Beverly Bootstraps.

(Click here for instructions)

Please inform our Development Assistant, 978-927-1561, of stock transfers so that we can properly acknowledge your gift and forward information regarding your tax deduction. 

Sending Shares Electronically
If you are transferring securities that are currently held by your brokerage firm, please provide them with the following information:

Firm: Raymond James & Associates
DTC Participant #: 0725
Account Name: Beverly Bootstraps Community Services
Account #: 19895023

Sending Actual Share Certificates *
If you would like to donate a physical certificate of stock, please contact Raymond James Financial Advisors at 978-921-1686 for instructions and required documents.

This way they can inquire exactly how the certificate is registered and provide specific instructions and paperwork. They will send the stock power and Authority to Deposit form
pre-populated with the right information so that you do not alter the stock power or sign incorrectly.

* Donors may choose to assign a partial amount of shares to Beverly Bootstraps rather than the full shares listed on a certificate.

Value of Your Gift of Stock
The value of a gift of stock (for the donor’s income tax purposes) is based on the average value on the day the securities are received in the organization’s gifted securities brokerage account. This is calculated by averaging the high and low stock prices on the date of the gift.